Comprehensive transformer and electrical installation services based in the Jänschwalde outpost

Our expertise is your security

When it comes to the business of servicing transformer and electrical installations, our skilled electricians and engineers inspect, test, maintain and repair a wide range of low, medium and high-voltage electrotechnical installations and equipment, primarily in the energy sector and particularly as a service provider in the power plant industry. Integral to our field of work is our specially designed transformer service, whereby we carry out a variety of complex maintenance measures on dry-type and oil-immersed type transformers ranging from the smallest distribution transformer to the main transformer in a power station, doing so right on schedule with flexibility, speed and the highest standards of quality.

Our range of electrical installation services includes the following components, among others:

  • Consultancy
  • Strategic planning/project planning/project management
  • Delivery
  • Construction (assembly)
  • Electrical tests and measurements, including power protection tests and ultra-modern cable measuring systems
  • Start-up
  • Documentation
  • Servicing including inspection, maintenance, repair, rehabilitation and renewal (replacement/part replacement)
  • Installations monitoring (diagnosis)
  • Audit
  • Operation
  • Engineering
  • Emergency preparedness

Scope of installations

  • HV, MV and LV switchgear with protection systems
  • MV and LV compensation systems
  • Earthing systems
  • Lightning protection systems
  • On-site power installations
  • Measuring and control systems
  • Wiring systems/cable route construction/cable assembly
  • Battery systems
  • Power and lighting installation
  • Specific power plant systems
  • Transformer stations

We offer the following transformer services, among others:

  • Inspection, maintenance and repair services to distribution and power transformers (dry-type and oil-immersed type) as well as earth leakage coils, including complex on-site services if required
  • Complete oil management using our own state-of-the-art oil treatment systems and environmentally sound oil containers
  • Insulating oil tests in compliance with VDE 0370
  • Step switch inspections on a variety of models by trained technicians
  • Services on all peripheral systems (safety equipment, cooling systems, ducts, control and monitoring devices, power drives, pumps)
  • All types of sealing work and cleaning services
  • Retrofitting, upgrade, renewal with

Replacement/partial replacement and rehabilitation measures

  • Transformer conversions, transformer shutdown/activation, including all accompanying transport services
  • Execution of all electrical measurements on transformers and earth leakage coils
  • Complex services in line with operator requests (incl. rodent protection, oil disposal, assembly, guard rails)
  • Fitting of monitoring systems and technical diagnostics
  • Supply, assembly and start-up of new transformers from various manufacturers
  • Dismantling and disposal services (scrap)
  • Advice on maintenance/project management/engineering

On-call service also possible for 24-hour coverage

Our highly qualified engineers, technicians and craftsmen ensure
that you are provided at all times with a maintenance service
that is both technically competent and cost-effective.