Steel construction in the Jänschwalde, Hagenwerder and Lippendorf outposts

Another important aspect of business at Kraftwerks-Service Cottbus Anlagenbau GmbH (KSC) is classic steel construction. From the planning stage to the building site, we fabricate steel components for individual construction projects - with speed and precision. Apart from the technical expertise of our own personnel, an essential factor in the success of our work is effective cooperation with suitably qualified partners.

The production, replacement and maintenance of power plant components such as:

  • Air preheaters
  • Retarded combustion grates
  • Scraper conveyors
  • Ventilation systems
  • Coal handling and ash removal systems


 are just as much a part of our portfolio of services as the:

  • Production and assembly of industrial steel halls
  • Production and rehabilitation of containers
  • Production of major components for railway vehicle construction
  • Production of core press housings
  • Production of oil burner transformers
  • Reconditioning of spare parts and wearing parts

KSC attains the highest possible standards of quality by only using certified profiles and sheet metals. At the same time, state-of-the-art production methods guarantee first-class workmanship and consistently high levels of quality.

We work from sketches, drawings or electronically transmitted data on virtually all steel grades, aluminium and other materials.

The know-how and long-standing experience of our workers guarantee cost-effective and environmentally compatible solutions of the highest technical precision.