Wear protection in the Jänschwalde, Hagenwerder and Lippendorf outposts

Wear protection solutions in all conditions

Production and conveyor systems in a variety of areas are subjected to differing levels of wear and tear. Abrasion, impact, temperature and temperature change, chemical exposure and mechanical loads are just some of the forces that affect nearly all components over the long term.

This is why Kraftwerks-Service Cottbus Anlagenbau GmbH (KSC) not only

  • applies appropriate wear protection to pipe bends and membrane walls, for example, by means of hardfacing or metal spraying, and
  • reconditions pivot points, shafts, runners, rails, stops, sockets and wear plates, it also analyses and assesses wear protection under laboratory conditions.  

For KSC, optimal wear protection means using exactly the right material to line a piece of equipment or a system component subject to differing levels of stress. This allows us to achieve long-term, low-cost solutions that assure the economical operation of the whole facility.

KSC engineers develop cost-saving solutions for every application
- for retrospective protection and for new facilities in equal measure.
There is no magic formula here - just years of practical experience
gained from working with KSC.