Production of condensers, heat exchangers and containers

In 2006 an efficient regional partner was wanted for the production of condensers and heat condensers.
KSC started making condensers as a subcontractor for a major industrial company and has since become a supplier that has been making complete heat exchangers independently since 2009. KSC's range of services in the fields of container and condenser construction now extends from planning via assembly and transport to the customer all the way to container set-up and connection. We work with long-standing partners here to ensure that we provide top standards of quality.
KSC's portfolio of services also comprises construction site activities. The measures taken include carrying out repairs of every kind to heat exchangers and containers. Installing new piping and welding single pipes from heat exchangers and containers are among the jobs carried out.
The use of unalloyed steels as well as low and high-alloy ones is a matter of course for KSC and this is duly verified in the relevant certifications under the Pressure Equipment Directive (HP0) and, since 2012, ASME. Pipe materials made of chromium nickel steel and titanium or copper compounds can be processed at the same time.
Fair prices and high quality mean that our range of products and services is appreciated in Europe and beyond.