It may be necessary to carry out heat treatment before and after producing weld joints in alloyed steels. KSC Kraftwerks-Service Anlagenbau GmbH has suitably qualified personnel for this purpose, as well as extensive high-performance heat treatment systems.
Welding procedure qualifications duly testify to our professional expertise and the stability of heat treatment processes. The product palette ranges from steels in material group 1 (e.g. S355J2G3) through material group 5 (e.g. 10CrMo9-10) all the way to high-alloy steels in material group 6 (e.g. X10CrMoVNb9-1).
We are thus ideally qualified to carry out not only welding jobs, but also any essential heat treatment on the most sensitive components in a plant (e.g. live steam line in a power station).
Our range of products and services also includes the shrink fitting of turbine wheels and shrink fits.
Whatever the size of the project, we have access to all the right equipment for carrying out heat treatment processes.
  • MF induction annealing equipment, 60 kW AEG ELOMAT MOB., which is coupleable up to 120 kW, including accessories
  • Diverse resistance annealing equipment, including accessories
The many years of experience of KSC and its workers in industrial plant and
power station construction are your guarantee that any essential annealing processes,
including the relevant documentation, will be reliably planned and implemented.