Wir sind von der zentralen Bedeutung des Schienenfahrzeuges, in einer zusammenwachsenden Welt überzeugt und deshalb kontinuierlich bestrebt unsere Kompetenzen nachhaltig auszubauen und unsere technischen Möglichkeiten zu erweitern.

Partial and complete solutions for all pressure stages and media

The name Kraftwerks-Service Cottbus Anlagenbau GmbH (KSC) stands for competence and advanced technology in the fields of pipeline construction and pipe rehabilitation. This is why we have been a valued partner for years to customers in the public sector, the energy supply industry and the power station and plant construction industry.

Our core competencies in pipeline construction include:

  • Welding and heat treatment
  • Production of new pipeline components
  • Pipeline assembly replacement (replacement of adapters, fittings, bends, valves)
  • Rehabilitation of general pipeline networks and steam boiler heating surfaces incl. essential pipe bends
  • Underground pipeline installation (plastic-sheathed pipe/drilling under pressure)
  • Reinforcement for pipeline elements

As a production company and service provider, we offer our customers partial and complete solutions from the planning and design stage to maintenance and servicing. This is done in a wide-ranging variety of material groups, in all operating conditions and at all pressure stages.

Our spectrum extends all the way to heavy-duty pipelines in areas subject to monitoring, high-pressure steam pipes in power plants for example.

Our experienced employees are trained to the highest professional standards, thus enabling us to offer and implement modern technology of premium quality at competitive prices.

  • Pipeline construction
  • Pipeline assembly and component replacement in 900 MW, 500 MW, 210 MW and 100 MW units; rehabilitation of boiler heating surfaces (e.g. high-pressure superheaters, reheaters and membrane walls)
  • Pipe connections for pumps, turbines and power units
  • Rehabilitation of general pipeline networks (in plant and underground installations)
  • New construction: Planning, production, supply and assembly of pipeline components for power stations, heating plants, combined-cycle plants, CHP units, industrial facilities

Services with the emphasis on framework contracts – planned preventative maintenance (PPM) and rectification of faults.

Our experienced employees are trained to the highest professional standards,
thus enabling us to offer and implement modern
technology of premium quality
at competitive prices.

Steel construction in the Jänschwalde, Hagenwerder and Lippendorf outposts

Another important aspect of business at Kraftwerks-Service Cottbus Anlagenbau GmbH (KSC) is classic steel construction. From the planning stage to the building site, we fabricate steel components for individual construction projects - with speed and precision. Apart from the technical expertise of our own personnel, an essential factor in the success of our work is effective cooperation with suitably qualified partners.

The production, replacement and maintenance of power plant components such as:

  • Air preheaters
  • Retarded combustion grates
  • Scraper conveyors
  • Ventilation systems
  • Coal handling and ash removal systems

are just as much a part of our portfolio of services as the:

  • Production and assembly of industrial steel halls
  • Production and rehabilitation of containers
  • Production of major components for railway vehicle construction
  • Production of core press housings
  • Production of oil burner transformers
  • Reconditioning of spare parts and wearing parts

KSC attains the highest possible standards of quality by only using certified profiles and sheet metals. At the same time, state-of-the-art production methods guarantee first-class workmanship and consistently high levels of quality.

We work from sketches, drawings or electronically transmitted data on virtually all steel grades, aluminium and other materials.

The know-how and long-standing experience of our workers guarantee cost-effective and environmentally compatible solutions of the highest technical precision.

Comprehensive transformer and electrical installation services based in the Jänschwalde outpost

Our expertise is your security

When it comes to the business of servicing transformer and electrical installations, our skilled electricians and engineers inspect, test, maintain and repair a wide range of low, medium and high-voltage electrotechnical installations and equipment, primarily in the energy sector and particularly as a service provider in the power plant industry. Integral to our field of work is our specially designed transformer service, whereby we carry out a variety of complex maintenance measures on dry-type and oil-immersed type transformers ranging from the smallest distribution transformer to the main transformer in a power station, doing so right on schedule with flexibility, speed and the highest standards of quality.

Our range of electrical installation services includes the following components, among others:

  • Consultancy
  • Strategic planning/project planning/project management
  • Delivery
  • Construction (assembly)
  • Electrical tests and measurements, including power protection tests and ultra-modern cable measuring systems
  • Start-up
  • Documentation
  • Servicing including inspection, maintenance, repair, rehabilitation and renewal (replacement/part replacement)
  • Installations monitoring (diagnosis)
  • Audit
  • Operation
  • Engineering
  • Emergency preparedness

Scope of installations

  • HV, MV and LV switchgear with protection systems
  • MV and LV compensation systems
  • Earthing systems
  • Lightning protection systems
  • On-site power installations
  • Measuring and control systems
  • Wiring systems/cable route construction/cable assembly
  • Battery systems
  • Power and lighting installation
  • Specific power plant systems
  • Transformer stations

We offer the following transformer services, among others:

  • Inspection, maintenance and repair services to distribution and power transformers (dry-type and oil-immersed type) as well as earth leakage coils, including complex on-site services if required
  • Complete oil management using our own state-of-the-art oil treatment systems and environmentally sound oil containers
  • Insulating oil tests in compliance with VDE 0370
  • Step switch inspections on a variety of models by trained technicians
  • Services on all peripheral systems (safety equipment, cooling systems, ducts, control and monitoring devices, power drives, pumps)
  • All types of sealing work and cleaning services
  • Retrofitting, upgrade, renewal with

Replacement/partial replacement and rehabilitation measures

  • Transformer conversions, transformer shutdown/activation, including all accompanying transport services
  • Execution of all electrical measurements on transformers and earth leakage coils
  • Complex services in line with operator requests (incl. rodent protection, oil disposal, assembly, guard rails)
  • Fitting of monitoring systems and technical diagnostics
  • Supply, assembly and start-up of new transformers from various manufacturers
  • Dismantling and disposal services (scrap)
  • Advice on maintenance/project management/engineering

On-call service also possible for 24-hour coverage.

Our highly qualified engineers, technicians and craftsmen ensure
that you are provided at all times with a maintenance service
that is both technically competent and cost-effective.

Wear protection in the Jänschwalde, Hagenwerder and Lippendorf outposts

Wear protection solutions in all conditions

Production and conveyor systems in a variety of areas are subjected to differing levels of wear and tear. Abrasion, impact, temperature and temperature change, chemical exposure and mechanical loads are just some of the forces that affect nearly all components over the long term.

This is why Kraftwerks-Service Cottbus Anlagenbau GmbH (KSC) not only

  • applies appropriate wear protection to pipe bends and membrane walls, for example, by means of hardfacing or metal spraying, and
  • reconditions pivot points, shafts, runners, rails, stops, sockets and wear plates, it also analyses and assesses wear protection under laboratory conditions.

For KSC, optimal wear protection means using exactly the right material to line a piece of equipment or a system component subject to differing levels of stress. This allows us to achieve long-term, low-cost solutions that assure the economical operation of the whole facility.

KSC engineers develop cost-saving solutions for every application
- for retrospective protection and for new facilities in equal measure.
There is no magic formula here - just years of practical experience
gained from working with KSC.

Compressors and blowers at the Hagenwerder outpost and on the industrial premises at Boxberg Power Plant

A strong partner for sure

Compressed air can move things, steer processes and alter products - great opportunities are "in the air".

Day in day out, we demonstrate our grasp of this fact when working with our customers, including reputable manufacturers such as ALUP, Aerzener Maschinenfabrik, Atlas Copco, Boge, Kaeser, Sauer & Sohn, Siemens and Zwickauer Maschinen- und Anlagenbau GmbH.

As a recognised service partner, Kraftwerks-Service Cottbus Anlagenbau  GmbH (KSC) undertakes the servicing and maintenance of compressors, fans, refrigerant-type and adsorption dryers, and oil/water separation plants for these and other manufacturers.

Our range of services also includes:

  • Planning, delivery and assembly of complete compressed air production plants including control systems
  • Exchange of spare parts and wearing parts
  • Electrical engineering/measuring and control systems
  • Vibration measurements, frequency analyses, alignments
  • Repair and maintenance of existing compressed air networks

The reliability of our technical solutions, consistent customer focus and
strong personal relationships with our customers have made KSC a
respected authorised service company throughout Germany.

Production of welded components and special parts for railway vehicle construction

Our flexibility is to your advantage

Railway vehicle construction is growing and has been an important area of business in our company since 1999.

The production of component assemblies is increasingly outsourced due to the rationalisation of core competencies at major railway vehicle manufacturers. We have been in a position to supply complete welded components for double-decker and single-decker coaches for many years.

This is based on our certification for welding railway vehicle parts in accordance with DIN EN 15085-2, class CI 1.

We facilitate just-in-time delivery for the assembly of finished coaches destined for worldwide use.

We commend ourselves as a logistics site for special deliveries so that we can assemble such complex components for our end customers.



KSC Schienenfahrzeugbau  

Production of condensers, heat exchangers and containers

In 2006 an efficient regional partner was wanted for the production of condensers and heat condensers.

KSC started making condensers as a subcontractor for a major industrial company and has since become a supplier that has been making complete heat exchangers independently since 2009. KSC's range of services in the fields of container and condenser construction now extends from planning via assembly and transport to the customer all the way to container set-up and connection. We work with long-standing partners here to ensure that we provide top standards of quality.

KSC's portfolio of services also comprises construction site activities. The measures taken include carrying out repairs of every kind to heat exchangers and containers. Installing new piping and welding single pipes from heat exchangers and containers are among the jobs carried out.

The use of unalloyed steels as well as low and high-alloy ones is a matter of course for KSC and this is duly verified in the relevant certifications under the Pressure Equipment Directive (HP0) and, since 2012, ASME. Pipe materials made of chromium nickel steel and titanium or copper compounds can be processed at the same time.

Fair prices and high quality mean that our range of products and services is appreciated in Europe and beyond.

Heat treatment

It may be necessary to carry out heat treatment before and after producing weld joints in alloyed steels. KSC Kraftwerks-Service Anlagenbau GmbH has suitably qualified personnel for this purpose, as well as extensive high-performance heat treatment systems.

Welding procedure qualifications duly testify to our professional expertise and the stability of heat treatment processes. The product palette ranges from steels in material group 1 (e.g. S355J2G3) through material group 5 (e.g. 10CrMo9-10) all the way to high-alloy steels in material group 6 (e.g. X10CrMoVNb9-1).

We are thus ideally qualified to carry out not only welding jobs, but also any essential heat treatment on the most sensitive components in a plant (e.g. live steam line in a power station).

Our range of products and services also includes the shrink fitting of turbine wheels and shrink fits.

Whatever the size of the project, we have access to all the right equipment for carrying out heat treatment processes.

  • MF induction annealing equipment, 60 kW AEG ELOMAT MOB., which is coupleable up to 120 kW, including accessories
  • Diverse resistance annealing equipment, including accessories

The many years of experience of KSC and its workers in industrial plant and
power station construction are your guarantee that any essential annealing processes,
including the relevant documentation, will be reliably planned and implemented.

Servicing and repair of air preheaters and gas preheaters

Know-how is everything

We service and repair your air preheaters and gas preheaters in the following type series:
  • CH, CV and CX
  • VO and VU
  • GV and GX
  • NX
  • PH
Our activities focus on the replacement of worn component parts and the optimisation of plants. The latter focuses on:
  • Appraisal of the entire plant, compilation of the inspection reports and recommendations for further repair work
  • Bearing checks and bearing replacement
  • Repairs to storage mass
  • Exchange of packs, including delivery
  • Repair and replacement of sealing systems
  • Inspection and exchange of drive units
  • Repairs to housings and steel structures
  • Repairs to cleaning and fire-fighting equipment
  • Adjustments

Plant construction and construction of new power plant components

Everything from one source for smooth operation

We put your ideas into practice when it comes to plant construction and the construction of new power plant components. We provide everything for you from a single source:
  • Engineering
  • Production
  • Delivery
  • Assembly
  • Quality assurance
  • Start-up
  • Trial operation and documentation
And we do the same in steel construction and pipeline systems, including:
  • Valves
  • Containers
  • Insulation
  • Heat tracing
  • Wall and ceiling feedthroughs
  • Signage