Servicing and repair of air preheaters and gas preheaters

Know-how is everything

We service and repair your air preheaters and gas preheaters in the following type series:
  • CH, CV and CX
  • VO and VU
  • GV and GX
  • NX
  • PH
Our activities focus on the replacement of worn component parts and the optimisation of plants. The latter focuses on:
  • Appraisal of the entire plant, compilation of the inspection reports and recommendations for further repair work
  • Bearing checks and bearing replacement
  • Repairs to storage mass
  • Exchange of packs, including delivery
  • Repair and replacement of sealing systems
  • Inspection and exchange of drive units
  • Repairs to housings and steel structures
  • Repairs to cleaning and fire-fighting equipment
  • Adjustments